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Keith Cotter licensed arborist  #1018 is a member of  TreeCare Industry Association (TCIA) & Maryland Arborist Associan, Inc. (MAA)

He has over thirty (30)years of

knowledge & experience in the

tree service industry.






C.T.O.S. offers fair & competitive pricing & quality workmanship on all our jobs.    Listening to  the customer and hearing what they expect is key to a  successful completion of  the work contracted for. 

We consider ourselves to be tree preservationist & know the importance diagnoseing and treating deseased or  infected  trees right  away before they can infect other trees.

We Service Baltimore,  Carroll,  Howard, & Anne Arundel  counties as  well  as Baltimore City.


Residential and Commetcial

No job to large

or to small for






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Emergency &

Storm Damage


Who We Are:

C.T.O.S. is a fully insured & licensed tree company.  We are equipped to handle just about any job that comes our way. We are  always looking for ways to minimize risk to avoid dangerous situations, and to complete a job the safest and most expedient way,  large or small, and most importatly to have a happy satisfied customer.


The Leaning Tree


The tree in the picture to the right was leaning drastically toward the customers house, so proper planning, surveying the work site, and discussing the plan of action ensured us of safely cutting down and removing the tree.  The customer and his family could sleep much better knowing the tree was taken down the right way, and not natures way.

Land Clearing and Under Brush Cutting


C.T.O.S. Has the equipment to clear your property of trees, bushes, wood, ivy/vines, & stumps making it ready for construction/building, seeding/sod, or to replant.  We can put down top soil, grade, and seed & straw so you can have a beautiful lawn.


C.T.O.S.  Has the equipment to clean up storm damage caused by high winds, ice & snow, or lightening struck trees.  Emergency service is available 24 X 7.  Just call us @ 410-944-9170 or 410-655-4801 & get our emergency #'s.

Taking Down a Tree in a residential community takes precision of not only the crane operator but that of our groundsmen.  Using hand signals alerting the crane operator of proper direction of the tree limb so as to be sure it is lined up with the chipper and laying it right on the shute for entrance into the chipper.


CLEAN UP -  We believe in leaving the customers property free of any debris from our work, and in most cases cleaner then when we arrived on site.  We often use plywood to protect the customers property from our equipment, dragging of limbs/branches, and just the general tramping of the workmen.