Tree Health Assessment in Baltimore, MD

Bible Grown Into TreeIs your tree healthy? A few signs that indicate your tree is struggling with significant health problems may include the presence of dead branches, wilting leaves, and bleeding sap. Other times, the only indication of a diseased or unhealthy tree is its stunted growth. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, it may be time for an evaluation from an experienced arborist.

Choose Chesapeake Tree & Outside Services’ comprehensive tree health assessment in Baltimore, MD, and glean insight into your tree’s needs. If you believe your tree is sick, our arborists can diagnose and treat the problem. We’ll evaluate your tree’s health and determine the best ways to restore it. Reach out today to discuss your concerns, or to learn more about our other tree services.

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Treat your trees well, and they’ll be healthy for a lifetime. A tree that is left on its own is forced to follow one rule: survival of the fittest. Without proper care, any tree is prone to disease, insect infestation, and overgrowth. By carefully evaluating and caring for your trees, we can help extend their lives and preserve their beauty. Sometimes, this involves tree crown reduction or tree limb bracing.

No matter the source of your tree’s problem, our arborists have the experience and equipment needed to resolve it. Our licensed and insured company takes pride in offering a variety of solutions for common and uncommon issues. We are very knowledgeable about tree preservation for all species. In addition, we take the time to keep you informed and explain the services we provide.

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Tree Half Dead at TopPut your trust in a tree service that practices preservation before removal. As longtime arborists, our team knows that not all trees need to be removed as soon as they show signs of trouble. Unlike other companies, we exhaust other treatment options before we reach for the chainsaw – but only if you’re willing. If you want your tree gone yesterday, we offer dead tree removal.

Have questions about our products and procedures? Feel free to reach out. We’re more than happy to explain our approach to providing care for your struggling trees. Our ultimate goal is to protect your trees from disease, insects, and fungus, or otherwise remove them before they have the chance to cause trouble.

Contact us today to schedule your tree health assessment. We proudly serve families and businesses in Baltimore, Carroll, Howard, and Anne Arundel Counties, along with those in Baltimore City, Maryland.