Tree Removal in Baltimore, MD

Are you tired of damaged, diseased, or simply ugly trees taking up space on your property? Don’t live with that eyesore for another day – instead, enlist the help of Chesapeake Tree & Outside Services.

Our team offers professional tree removal in Baltimore, MD, and surrounding areas, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to safety and cleanliness. Choose our services and rest easy knowing we’ll take time to remove any debris that may fall onto your lawn as we work.

About Our Process

Cutting down a tree in a residential community requires caution and precision – not only from our crane operator, but from our grounds-men, too. We use hand signals to assist the crane operator in ensuring that the tree limb is aligned with the chipper. In turn, this helps us to confirm the branch is flush with the chute, making for a clean entrance into the chipper. Your home (as well as the homes around you) will remain safe.

Sometimes our arborists use ropes to reach branches that need removing before we can take down a tree. The ropes are instrumental in the ascension process and help keep our team members secure while they work.

Case Studies

In one situation, our crew responded to a call about a tree that was leaning drastically toward the customer’s house. Proper planning became critical, which meant we spent plenty of time surveying the worksite and creating a custom plan of action. This process helped our arborists safely cut down and remove the tree. As a result, that particular customer and his family slept much better knowing that the tree was taken down the right way – not nature’s way!

In another situation, our tree removal service addressed a customer’s concern about a healthy, but inconvenient tree. This tree was a large three-leader Maple that had decided to grow about 20 feet from a church located in the city. The pastor and the parishioners were very happy to have it removed, especially after some of the storms their community had recently seen.

It’s important to note that the tree is the latter case wasn’t dead or dying – it was just too large for its location. The only thing that matters is how you feel about your tree! No matter its shape, size, or location, if you want it gone, our tree felling experts are up to the challenge.

Contact our team today to discuss your tree removal needs. We proudly serve families and businesses in Baltimore, Carroll, Howard, and Anne Arundel Counties, along with those in Baltimore City, Maryland.